Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Last week I started a group in San Francisco among a small group of friends.  We call it Mastermind (although the name is going to change), and the goal is to help one another accomplish goals, try new things, and establish a support structure for every member in the group.  I originally developed the idea while talking with someone in Arizona, who had done this with an organization, ProjectU.  I thought the idea had an amazing application to Stay Positive and decided it was worth trying here in SF.

This group has a few key objectives:
-Time to share something positive, and something new & awesome for every member in the group
-Time for each member to share a challenge or goal they are looking to accomplish, and have the group brainstorm collectively on how that person can overcome their challenge or accomplish their goal
-Time to create an action plan over a few weeks where they can pursue a specific goal
-Partnering with another member to bring accountability and support to your goal
-A group project that every member participates in

The first meeting was extremely positive and constructive towards building a better me.  It instilled a fire that will help me move in the right direction and accomplish things that I wouldn't otherwise.

I'm excited to see how this group progresses over the next couple weeks.  It's my hope that every member finds value, so that it can organically grow into a tight-knit community of young professionals with a focus on positive change.

If you want to learn more, feel free to email me.  I've been so energized by this and would love if you want to be involved.


  1. Sounds great, you should start an LA chapter if it takes off.

  2. right on Renny! Way to make it happen. Pumped for you and SF, i'll be there come MLK weekend in January, maybe we can link up and have mastermind when I'm in town! - Kelsey Wong :)